Jim Day

Jim Day

I wanted to have a beautiful project that enabled people to live as inexpensively as possible in paradise, and already planted many fruit trees and bananas, and avocado's among other things. Everyone can have their own fruit trees, veggie gardens, and if they are so inclined, and have the room for keeping a horse or two, and have their own little hobby farms, or just a beautiful retirement or vacation residence.

With modern technology I am sure we can install solar and other "green" electric systems for people and hope to find affordable water recycling systems to conserve this valuable resource, as I knew from having surveys done prior to buying the land, that the Sardinal aquifer was under this land, and being in a "tropical dry forest" conserving water would be an important consideration.

I also wanted a place where people could have a nice pond with an area for swimming, and another area for fishing, and I would stock the pond to be built with tilapia and a variety of bass that does well in warm weather and a few catfish to help keep it clean. Then a rancho with lights, fans, and places where people can picnic with bar-b-que's we will put in, and enjoy conversations with their friends, watch their children or grandchildren play and swim, use it as a gathering place. There is already one small pond I installed, which is private on lots others have already purchased.

The new pond to be installed will be over 3500m2 in size and will have pumps to aerate the water for the fish, and maintain the correct water levels. More fruit and ornamental trees to keep the wildlife attracted to the area will be installed in the future, and buyers of lots are encouraged to so the same on their lots, to have natural beauty all around them.

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