Residential & commercial property investment in Guanacaste.

By Colinas Del Sol   Blogs

Everyone has a dream of living in the lap of nature along with enjoying the basic city amenities, here is the answer to your search, having a property in Guanacaste.

living-in-guancaste Guanacaste is in Costa Rica, a beautiful place with beaches, forest, volcanoes and wide biodiversity. Costa Rica is very peaceful country with no standing army. This country is living with nature without being in news. Sometimes, not to be in news is good news. It’s an example of sustainable developing country. Costa Rica’s economy has been developing rapidly for past several years in addition to traditional agriculture, attracting investors to invest in properties in Costa Rica for residential or commercial purposes.


Costa Rica has foreigner’s friendly laws. It exempt them from high tax payment and free trade zone .So, purchasing lots or land in Guanacaste , a foreigner has to pay only 1/4 of 1% of total value of property as a property tax. It will be a smart decision to invest in real estate in Guanacaste as it is blessed with agreeable climate, natural wonders and renewable resources of energy.


If you are planning to live your post retirement life in peace enjoying a cup of gourmet coffee in silent and serene evening, then you should have a residential property in Guanacaste in Costa Rica. High HDI of Costa Rica is making it a center of attraction for foreigner to reside here. Retired pensioners are eligible for benefits including specific tax exemption and incentives.


COLINOS DE SOL is one of the real estate company which can full fill your dreams to be in paradise. Look at the benefits you will get after having a property in Colinas de sol.


* We have our own water system which is approved by Costa Rican direction of water department and SERENA.


* Equipped with electricity and drainage system.


* Our own legal team handle all legal processes related to real estate in Guanacaste.


* Name transfer, deed, fee payments etc. will done at you home only.


* Easy accessibility to airport (Liberia international airport), hospitals, and educational institute make it an easy place to live in.


Colinas de sol properties will make your dreams happen. Investing in Colinas de sol property will make the life of you future generations bright. Give your life a chance to be in paradise.


Your doubts, troubles and queries will be dealt with lavish solution just contact us