The View at Colinas

Affordable and Sustainable Living

At Colinas Del Sol, we proudly provide reliable and sustainable amenities. Each property includes electricity, cell phone coverage, internet and the potential for solar energy systems.

Live off the land with the space to have a greenhouse or your own orchard.

Find everything you need to live comfortably and sustainably at Colinas Del Sol.

The first picture is a Guanabana fruit which has a white soft and sweet flesh with black seeds you remove. Great as an ice cream, plain, or a blender beverage. Second is of course coconuts, third is plantains growing, as is the fourth pic, fifth picture is the Brazilian lines with the orange flesh that are so good, Last picture is banana stalks growing but no banana's showing yet.

Just planted 6000 onions as a cash crop for beginning our permaculture designs. Will add squash, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and more later on. The first image showing the mountains in the back of the property where we have lots.

Eco Colinas del Sol

Live off the Land at Colinas Del Sol

At Colinas Del Sol, we are a green community and believe in giving you peace, privacy, and quiet. Live off the land with the below trees we have planted on our lots.

Guanábana Injertada / Soursop
Guanábana Criolla / Soursop
Anonas / Sugar Apple
Cas / Costa Rican Guava
Naranja Valencia / Valencia Orange
Guayaba Verde / Green Guava
Limón Dulce / Sweet Lemon
Manzana de Agua / Malay Apple
Mamón Chino / Hairy Lychee
Macadamia / Macadamia nuts
Zapote Colorado / Mamey Sapote
Aguacate Simon / Simmons Avocado
Toronja Rosada / Pink Grapefruit