Why You Should Buy Property At Colinas Del Sol



By Colinas Del Sol   Colinas Del Sol

The thought of retiring and living in the immense natural beauty but still being near by all the city life amenities. How does it sound to you?


Colinas Del Sol is one such place for you near by Sardinal Village, Guancaste Province in Costa Rica. Set in the beautiful and ecology rich country of Costa Rica which is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Roughly a quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys and quetzal birds. The climate in this place is agreeable throughout the year. Laws of Costa Rica provide omission in retired income tax or on any income from outside the country. The taxation overall is very convenient and relaxed for foreigners. Now to have a place in the heart of this country is the dream.

In 1999 our very own Colinas fell in love with Costa Rica when he stepped foot on this land. It’s beauty mesmerized him and he then and there decided to buy a piece of this beauty. The place to him had a warm pleasing breeze which was welcoming him as an old friend. After returning, he started doing his research and work. He made few (life long) friends one of which recommended the place of Colinas Del Sol. He returned in 2000 and with the help of a tour guide surveyed all the shortlisted places each of them had some pros and unnegotiable cons. For example Quepos was too crowded, Parrita property was beautiful but difficult to reach and the landscape was hard to install infrastructure on. All other places had concerns and were away from the airport.
Colinas Del Sol located in Guanacaste province had its own benefits that made it worthwhile for the purchase. It’s location hold a huge benefit which is a short drive away from the beach towns and very near to the airport, medical care which is available in the big city of Liberia. All the facilities of a large city is available in this country town. It was chosen because of it’s tropical dry forest, an important ecosystem in the country.

Each piece of land is divided into 1.1/4 acre around. Supplied with water and drainage system. Colinas del Sol is a high quality project with its own water system. All the lots have an internal water distribution system, supplied by 4 water wells. Each one of Colinas’s water wells has been duly approved by the Costa Rican Direction of Water Department and SENARA. In addition, Colinas del Sol has its own water concession which allows the use and utilization of the hydric resource. In House legal team handles all real estate related legal issues, including transfers of titles and deeds, construction, mortgage concerns and zoning, among other services. Legal team at Colinas will attend all your real estate matters and cover the legal work required by every area of the business related to acquiring, financing, developing, constructing, leasing and selling all our residential real property.
All your doubts and troubles will be dealt in house all you have to do is contact Colinas Del Sol.