Beautiful HD Video Of Costa Rica Wildlife

Note from Jim: I have not seen a live snake yet in my 15 years now of coming here, so a lot of this stuff is in the jungle/rain forest area, although there are coral snakes and rattlesnakes and some vipers in this area, but you really just don’t see them and they’re not an issue. We have seen most of the other wildlife, including a mountain lion, but no jaguars as they are very elusive and extremely rare in the NW Pacific area we are in, about an hour from the Nicaragua border. 

It’s amazing what thousands of dollars worth of video equipment can do. Captured using a Red Epic cinema camera, a series of Canon lenses and a Freefly Movi stabilization system, this is Costa Rica wildlife like you’ve never seen it before. The video was posted to YouTube by Jacob and Katie Schwarz, and we’ve identified most of the creatures in the short film so you will know what you are looking at when you watch this over, and over, and over…

Costa Rica Wildlife:

0:09 Eyelash pit viper
0:15 Three-toed sloth
0:29 Leafcutter ants
0:35 Red-eyed tree frog
0:42 Plain blunt-headed tree snake
0:59 Black river turtle
1:02 Emerald basilisk (the Jesus lizard)
1:08 Golden orb spider
1:22 Green and black poison frog
1:30 Scarlet macaw
2:02 Emerald basilisk in action
2:15 Eyelash pit viper (the golden morph is only found in Costa Rica)
2:28 Tiger rat snake
2:40 Eyelash pit viper
3:04 Three-toed sloth
3:35 Red galliwasp
4:38 Black-mandibled toucan
4:48 Costa Rican milk snake (also known as a false coral snake)

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