By Colinas Del Sol  Blogs

Work was calling, so I’m back home in Michigan after 67 days in glorious Costa Rica. No, I have not been able to retire yet. Check out the photos of my first morning back at the office below – that pretty well says it all about ‘why Costa Rica?’ We took several road trips while there, and had a great time going through the rain forest, the cloud forest, seeing the sights, and visiting beaches we had not seen before. I loved it.

I’m looking forward to getting some lots sold! I’m running a special right now – the next 10 lots to sell have a special low price of $35,000. Only then will I be able to build my own home on the project and finally be done with these miserable northern winters. My builder of choice (Quad-Lock Systems in Costa Rica) puts up a great home, and the buyer has virtually any option for floor plans you might desire. As an added bonus, not only are you able to choose exactly what you want, but the home will be super fire-resistant and virtually earthquake proof – much stronger than standard construction methods.

Imagine your own two bedroom two bath home, with a carport and large porch (people definitely spend most of their time outdoors in Costa Rica), on a 1¼ acre or larger lot for a total price of only about $135,000. That’s hard to beat for a home in paradise! On top of that, you’ll have plenty of room to grow your own fruits and veggies, as well as room to enjoy your favorite activities. It’s a great way to enjoy paradise, whether you can be there full time, or decide to use it for a vacation and rental home. Now is the time to get yourself set up for a great retirement in a beautiful and peaceful country.