If you come to Playas del Coco, you might be slightly surprised at how lively and busy this little beach town can get at night. Don’t underestimate the one main road going through downtown Coco, there are actually plenty of spots around Coco where you can have a night full of laughing, dancing, cold drinks, and celebrations with friends and family.

Find yourself missing your American football? Head to Coconutz, the sports bar in Coco where they have a big projector screen so you can cheer for your favorite team with other fans while chomping down on some delicious pizza. On karaoke night you can belt out some tunes with your friends, join in on movie night or dance to live music on Thursdays.

The bar is located right on main street so you’ll be in the heart of downtown Coco nightlife. The staff and owner are very friendly and you’ll probably find yourself staying there longer than you planned, meeting new people from all walks of life and making long lasting memories. A word to the wise, on Wednesday nights they have “movie night” which includes a hand selected movie on the overhead projector, and an all your can eat pasta and pizza buffet.

Zi Lounge is a pretty snazzy nightspot for a beer-drinking fishing port. It suffers from an identity crisis – with a menu of food that spans the globe, plus hookahs, sports on the TVs, nightly DJs and occasional live music. Still, people seem to be having a good time. Plus, you have to love a place with an eight-hour happy hour (11am to 7pm).