Property Invest in Costa Rica

By Colinas Del Sol  Colinas Del Sol

Hi there! Welcome to Colinas Del Sol Property. If you are an skillful investor or enthusiast and looking for investing in real estate business you should to know about all things and benefits related to investing topic, So we are here to boost your knowledge about to investing in Cost Rica,real estate, this is true that influx of expatriates,investor, hotel owners, builders, real estate experts, and business brokers being excited to choose Costa Rica for their prior investments market. It’s not time to being crazy excitement about Costa Rica, it’s prior to you to collect and get right and specific knowledge about Cost Rica’s real estate and investment market.

We are going to let you know few major and minor points that’s why you should invest you in Costa Rica. So let’s begin-

A.Biodiversity and Natural Wonders

The nature of Costa Rica is really awesome. Costa Rica Located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama and boarding the North Pacific and Caribbean Sea is the sultry nation of costa rica. Costa Rica is the only few country on the planet that’s are using up to 90% energy from renewable sources. Major Tabloids like The guardians, New York Times, CNN, consider cost rica to top 5 country that are using renewable energy sources. 6% of the existing biodiversity in the entire world flourishes the stunning balck and white sand coastlines, wonderful waterfalls and rugged volcanic cones that make up the mountain  in the tropical land.


B.Piece and Diverse nation.

In 2006 the capital of the country San Jose was appointed Ibero-American Capital of Culture. Costa Rica is the nation that have no standing army in it’s entire regions country have decided the complete budget that have had spend on the standing army or military would be invest on social service like Hospital, Infrastructure, and Education systems. For the judicial they have Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San Jose. Foreign investors have been attracted to Costa Rica’s political stability and the high education levels of the citizens.


C.International Trade and Growing Economy

Costa Rica well know for it’s traditionally exports of banana, coffee, sugar and beef but progressing business world the backbone of the commodity exports trade has been expanded with strong technology and tourism sectors. Costa Rica was ranked in the top 10 fastest growing tourism markets in the world because of the high number of tourist, a real estate investment is pretty safe. In other hand the living and Land ownership standard bar has been raised also, even if the property taxes sit at low rate of 0.25% of the registered property value. In the recent years Costa Rica has been boasted the highest level of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) per capita in Latin American Country. The national got high level investment in growing variety of industrial and specialized agriculture products with his continuous incentives for free trade zone appeals.


D.Top Destination for Expatriates and Tourist

the Beauty, natural resources and legal support for emigrants continuously attracting to Expatriates and global tourist in Costa Rica. In recent years, MSNBC and New York Times and many tabloids and news-papers labeled as Costa Rica is the hottest real estate market of the planet. Demand for luxury homes in national capital area San Jose area, and beach property and developing communities area is getting stronger as real estate investment continuously rising in Costa Rica stable economy. Individual buyer pay around 2% around purchase price. And one more major concerning things is that the purchasing currency for properties and real estate is usually acceptable in US Dollar.


E.Modern Convenience.

Let’s move on modern convenience and legal support.  In modern conveniences Costa Rica have two international airports, good phone services, high speed internet, technology, easy navigation for taxi, car, bike and buses and 24*7 high quality and affordable health care services. High quality and affordable health care services continually attracting to new investors and expatriates. Direct flight are available on both airport for Europe, North America, and Central America.