Road Trips Around Colinas

Colinas = Middle of it All!

We are in the Province of Guanacaste, and the Capital of Guanacaste is the City of Liberia where our local International airport is. Colinas is only 20 minutes away from the airport, making it a quick drive to explore around the areas!

Festivals are ongoing throughout Costa Rica with most towns having one around the holidays, in January and early February. Along with the festivals, there are parades in which local school bands and groups play, many groups and companies have floats and wagons with dancers to promote local companies.

We also have Tope : horse parades, the horses here are amazing and well bred, in larger Tope's the horses are brought from all over the country.

Nearby Beaches

Samata: Nice beach town, old style beach community. Beautiful views with miles of great beach and popular places to eat and drink!

Playa del Coco: 7 miles from the project. Great for a fun nightlife spot and plenty of dining options!

This is the town of Playa del Coco to show people there is modern shopping, it's a nice town, and nothing to worry about. Part of local area 7 miles from Colinas del Sol.
So people are comfortable they can shop, and it's a nice area.

Dominical is a great surf beach with a old surfer dude feel, and a lot of handicrafts being sold along the street. Fun destination. Also where the restaurant on the top of a bluff overlooking the ocean is.

Cloud Forest

Near Golfito in Osa Peninsula, CR where wildlife is abundant, birds, reptiles, cars, in cloud forest. Very dense jungle, bur a lot of people live here. A little bar we found when taking a unknown road that dead ended and we found a little area where the locals go to party and enjoy the water. This is located in the Osa Peninsula, more of a mountainous wilderness area, cooler weather at times, a lot more rain, and always lush and green and beautiful, loaded with wildlife if you can see any of it. Lots of snakes, but we have never seen any, but they are there for sure, so watch where you walk and don't just go grabbing branches as an eyelash viper could be hiding and you most likely won't see it as they are various colors and blend in well.

Granada, Nicaragua

We take cab at border, or even better take a tour bus as this is a fantastic trip. Lots of stops to see sights, other cities, boat tour of islands for sale on Lake Nicaragua, water and active volcano, stops for breakfast and lunch, shopping and only costs around $100 per person normally. Leaves Coco at 6an. Back around 10pm, a full day with unbelievable chances to shop for major deals. Well worth taking the day trip, or do the 2 day trip

Four Seasons Resort

This is area near Playa Del Coco, the Four Seasons Resort, just one of many upscale resorts in the area. It's an nice area with a lot of heavy hitters having locations there.