Shopping in Playas del Coco consists mainly of small businesses as the nearest mall is in Liberia but there are plenty of souvenir shops and boutiques if you’re looking for gifts to bring back home or a little something for yourself.

Souvenir shops line the main street of Coco and near the entrance of the beach. The shops boast a huge stock of handmade wood-carved sculptures, jewelry, handbags, clothes, hammocks, and a plethora of trinkets. You can find traditional coffee makers and clothing, Pura Vida signs and all sorts of animal statues.

There are a couple boutique shops, Keep it Classy and Ciao Bella for the women looking for cute clothes, swimsuits or accessories. All the jewelry is handmade by local artisans which range from simple beautiful teardrop or chandelier earrings to seashell bracelets, made from local materials straight from the beach.

Many of the items for sale in Ciao Bella are sourced from local artisans. A mother daughter team creates some of the jewelry. They find creative reuses for materials as varied as orange peels to plastic bottles. I found so many wonderful pieces of jewelry that it was really overwhelming. Beautiful pendants hang from the branches suspended in the middle of the store. Stacks and stacks of bracelets and bangles to add color to any outfit. Ciao Bella would be a great place to find an accent for a special evening or a great souvenir for back at home.

The Congo Arts and Crafts Cafe in Pacifico is part cafe part boutique where shoppers can find more high end pieces and sophisticated art.